Barrett's 0esophagus Treatment for Barrett's Disease using Radio Frequency Ablation. Barretts espohagus, Baratts Disease, Halo 360
How do I know if I have Barrett's Oesophagus?

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For Patients

The UK National HALO Patient Registry

The UK National HALO Patient Registry
The UK National HALO Patient registry has been established to investigate the use of HALO radiofrequency ablation for patients with Barrett’s Oesophagus and early precancerous changes. Trials in the USA and Europe have suggested that this treatment is safe. The UK based National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has looked at the results of these studies and has concluded that we do not have enough information yet to be certain about long term benefits. They have therefore advised that patients in the UK should be treated within a research setting.
This study involves a growing number of hospitals around the UK working under a protocol established by Chief Investigator  Dr Laurence Lovat, Consultant Gastroenterologist, University College Hospital NHS Trust, and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Laser Medicine at the National Medical Laser Centre.  All hospitals have experienced consultants, specially trained in this technique carrying out the procedure. Eligible patients are invited to take part in the study.
The HALO treatment
HALO  treatment is applied during an endoscopy procedure (a camera test of the gullet) to destroy the abnormal Barrett’s oesophagus lining. The lining which regrows is usually normal. There are two different types of HALO device. The HALO 360 device treats the entire wall of the gullet. The HALO 90 device is similar, but treats a smaller area. We usually treat patients with the HALO 360 device initially and if, at the next endoscopy, there is any abnormal Barrett’s oesophagus lining left, we retreat with either the HALO 360 or HALO 90 device, depending on how big the area needing treatment is.  

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